Monday, May 21, 2012

Trivia Monday

Well, no one was able to guess the answer to last week's trivia question, which is understandable since it was a tough one. "What Roman Emperor was found dead on May 15th, 392 in Vienne, Gaul?" The answer is Emperor Valentinian II, who was found hanged in his residence. Interestingly, he was accorded a Christian burial, as he had requested baptism, which could indicate that the belief was that he was murdered. On the other hand, no inquiry into his death was made yielding suspects.

For this week we'll skip ahead to the 17th century:- What 17th century composer was portrayed by Gerard and Guillaume Depardieu in the movie Tous Les Matins du Monde?


  1. Marin Marais ! Tous les matins du monde is one of my favorite movies. I watched it on TV when I was a little girl (I was 7 in 1991 and I am French) and it really impressed me.
    It's marvellous. And the music...

    1. Bienvenue, Solene! You are, of course, correct. I also love that movie and Marais' music, especially the Sonnerie de St. Genveieve.