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Shakespearean Epic Miniseries to Air in the USA

Wouldn't it be great if someone took four of Shakespeare's history plays, say Richard II, Henry IV (parts 1 & 2), and Henry V, and made them into one epic miniseries? Well, BBC Two has already done that for you in a series called The Hollow Crown, and now we can look forward to finally seeing it in the USA...but not until September.

For those of you, like me, who may be chomping at the bit I give you an article on the costumes to peruse here, as well as some more lovely and familiar faces from the cast....

and finally the trailer, just to get you really excited.


Back to the trivia, now that we've all had fun drooling over the coronation mantle of Roger II. Let's turn our attention back to something more macabre.

What famous philosopher's skull was found to be missing in 1819 when his coffin was opened nearly two centuries after his death? (Hint: the skull itself, now found, has had an interesting history all its own)

History In the News- The Gentle Vikings?

Research done on the Isle of Man suggests that the Vikings, whom we tend to picture as a rather violent lot, may not have been quite so bloodthirsty as commonly depicted. For more on this topic check out this link.

Tavistock Button Boots Available in White!

I have excitedly ordered many of the historically accurate shoe styles created for the American Duchess line, but I hesitated to get the black Tavistock button boots. I don't currently do Victorian, and black is so plain, and...and...and...and then there was white. Oh! Yes, these I can make into any color, and when eventually I do start making Victorian costumes for myself I will have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it.
So, dear reader, I ordered them. I also went ahead and got the button hook, because, as stated, these are historically accurate and I will need it. If you are also considering pre-ordering these lovelies bear in mind that pre-order only runs through May 26th and will have a quick delivery after that point as the shoes are already being manufactured. Just in time for all of your summer events!

Pinterest Pick of the Day- The Rooster Brooch

This beautiful baroque pearl (that's the type of pearl, not the time period) brooch is in the clear shape of a rooster, and is believed to be a Medici treasure from the 16th century. I wonder who wore it and if it was intended to symbolize anything specific...