Monday, May 7, 2012

Trivia Monday!

Trivia Monday got off to a good start with the question "What were the two styles of women's hoods prevalent at the court of Henry VIII?" An Anonymous visitor responded with the correct answer, which is the Gable hood and the French hood, as seen below respectively.

The Gable hood came first and was gradually replaced in popularity by the French hood, which was rumored to be a fashion brought back to England by the young Anne Boleyn, who had served at the French court.

On to the trivia question for this week:- Edmund Spenser's poem The Faerie Queene was written as an allegorical work in favor of what monarch?


  1. The Faerie Queene was written in favor of Queen Elizabeth I, whose multi-faceted personality was represented variously as Una, Britomart, the eponymous Faerie Queene herself, etc...!

    1. It might be worth pointing out that my makeup blog is named after The Faerie Queene... I had to change the spelling to Bower of Blisse because someone else already had Bower of Bliss! I don't think we'll find the Virgin Queen spending much time in that part of the allegory, though!

    2. Your answer is both prompt and correct (but you already knew that). It sounds like you are pretty familiar with the poem, Sarah.

    3. Few things get me more excited than the rare crossroads at which Henrician headwear and epic poetry meet... I almost wrote my thesis for my MA on The Faerie Queene, and as it stands I've got two 20 page essays on the poem under my belt. It's a favorite of mine, and I was pretty darn tickled when I saw it mentioned on my dashboard. Thanks for the trivia, and thank you for the wonderful blog! (I am usually a lurker, but I love all your posts!)

    4. Thank you Sarah, I'll try to keep it interesting.