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Favorites- Cocoon Coats

It's not hard to see where they got their name, and with those slinky dresses of the late nineteen-teens through the thirties not hard to see why cocoon coats stayed in fashion for so long either.

Whether it's an original or a modern take on the classic, like this blue velvet version, they are just stunning in their simple, sumptuous lines.
I have an emerald-green evening gown, and was inspired by this picture to get some teal-green and gold burn-out velvet to make a similar coat to wear with the dress.

Pemberley Shoes from American Duchess

Good news everybody! Lauren at American Duchess, is not only a fabulous fellow blogger, but she's just released the latest in her line of historically-accurate footwear.

Not only are these beauties thoroughly-researched, but they are also made of dyeable satin so you can customize them to go with your outfits. Need more customization? She also sells shoe clips, and the hardware to make your own, on her website at

Is there a downside? Well, yes, if the minimum number of orders is not met the manufacturer won't be able to make the shoes, in which case everyone's money would be refunded, so what do you have to lose?

At only $80 per pair (during pre-sale), they would make a great gift for yourself or someone you know. While at the website check out her other two styles, the Georgiana's and the Devonshires. I have both and they are so comfortable and beautiful, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Happy shopping!

In Honor of Veteran's Day/Rememberance Day

It is good to remember. It is right to honor. Let us do it every day, not just once a year. Thank you to veterans and active military, for their service past and present, and to everyone who serves their families, their communities, and their countries. Around the world, we stand proud and humbled by their sacrifice.

Downton Abbey Season 2 Review

Sad as I am that season 2 of Downton Abbey has come to it's conclusion, I was greatly heartened by this review from Jan Moir at Mail Online, which I simply had to share with all of you. WARNING: If you have not been watching season 2 the review does contain lots and lots of spoilers, I mean, it's a summary of the season, so how could it not?

Trust me, not only does it sum everything up, but it does so in uproarious fashion. Even my husband had a good laugh. Now we just have to wait for the Christmas special...and then season 3!

Ancient Egyptian Women

Here's a little nugget of surprising information from about as far back as we can gauge history. We think of women's equality being a thing of recent development, but in ancient Egypt women could enter into a marriage of their own accord (be it with a non-relative, brother, or cousin), own their own property, manage said property even after marriage, buy and sell slaves, make their own will, adopt children, and divorce and remarry as they liked. They were even paid equal wages to men. That last one can't even be said of women working here in the United States today.

Adoption was not uncommon, and rather like in feudal Japan, if a family was unable to have children they would often adopt from a family that had too many, or just wanted their child to have a better life than they could give it. This breathes new life into the story of Moses, who was adopted by the wife of a Paraoh, but eventually rejected his adoptive family to lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt.

Another in…