Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teaser! Italian Project Sleeves

I did manage to get the entire project done in time for the event this past Saturday, and was very pleased with myself for doing so without the customary sewing into any wee hours or hand stitching in the car. The downside to this is that I took very few in-progress photos towards the end, and did not get any pictures of myself in the outfit at the event. Sad panda.

While I clean and rephotograph the project for later posting I leave you with just a taste via a few pictures I did manage to take.

Bodice mock-up marked for alteration
The marked mock-up next to the original pattern pieces

Before and after shots of altering the back pattern piece
"True-ing" the pattern pieces to ensure that they will work and have all the right markings
The new interlining piece cut with seam allowance etc.
I used the cording technique to stiffen the bodice just the right amount. This version is couched on.
Front and back lined
Bodice in progress
Gown in progress (I lack a form small enough for me so it sits weirdly)
Finished sleeves
Similar to these sleeves
Next time, I promise, more finished gown photos along with the jewelry and hairnet!

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