Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Italian Project- 3

Based largely on shoes like the ones to the left, I have completed the adaptation of my shoes for the Italian outfit.

I'm pretty pleased with the result, which is not, of course, 100% accurate, but is fairly passable.
I started with the blank shoe...
added elastic loops to the vamp and sides, which I then covered with trim...
tied a ribbon through the loops where they were unsewn at the tops, and finished it off with a cockade made from the same trim I'd used earlier.
C'est finis!

As for the chemise; I ended up taking a shortcut (I know, boo, hiss) to make up for some lost time which occurred when my husband's outfit took longer than expected to finish. His was made to the highest professional standards I could manage, so that's something to be proud of anyhow.

I used an old chemise, cut down the neckline some more, smocked a portion of it in green and yellow embroidery floss, and am hoping that the simplicity will work in harmony with the rest of the outfit.

(I haven't removed the dissolving marker dots yet)
I should also mention that I've managed to complete the underskirt, which I'm pretty pleased with and which will barely be seen at all (naturally).
Now, it's back to work on the gown, which has passed the mock-up stage and is into bodice construction. We ride!

Next time:- The gown, jewelry (and maybe sleeves).

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