Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last time the question was:- "Requisitioned during WWII and unavailable to most women, when this item was back in stock and available to the public it caused riots as women scrambled to stock up."

Banker Chick chimed in with the correct answer, which was "Nylons". Yes, I have trouble explaining to my students sometimes why women went so crazy over nylon stockings, and they think the images of girls painting seams into the back of their legs are very funny. Come to think of it, I find that amusing as well.

This week I'm asking:- What is a morgengifu? (Hint: It's an anglo-saxon word)


  1. A morning gift, given the day after a handfasting.

    1. Yes, rather like a dowry, but paid by the husband and possessed solely by the wife all of her life.