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Through the Happy New Years

In honor of the turning of the year, let's time travel back through the ages to look at New Years depictions of the past!

In the 1940s celebrations could be a little sexier than in previous eras, and indeed most of the time images are of pretty young women. No Father Times or Baby New Years here!

In the 20s prohibition didn't stop people from having a swinging good time, as with the Sam Bonner band, seen here.

The early 1900s were a little more tame, but dramatic nonetheless; as this beauty with her very, ahem, timely costume can attest.

This print from Harper's Weekly 1864, on the other hand, speaks clealry of strife and division, since the American Civil War was still raging. A family from the North is seen celebrating in wholesome comfort, while a family from the South mourns their lost loved one in cold misery. I wonder what side the artist was on?

Happily the Regency toasts the New Year more merrily, with family members old and young and a wealth of good cheer.

Happy New Year to you and yours, with wishes for a safe and pleasant 2013!


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