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Vendor Review- Recollections

Recollections is a web-based store featuring ready-made costumes from the Regency to the Roaring 20s, in a variety of style for day and evening and in a wide array of fabrics. One of the theaters I work for used pieces from them for a show and we were well pleased. It arrived looking just like the photo, was sturdily-made, and the price was good for our never-quite-enough budget. Best of all, it integrated well with the intricate and well-researched costumes that we had made and borrowed from some of the best costume sources on the east coast.

I love their hats and accessories, and you can expect to find virtually anything  from underpinnings to pocketwatches, mourning clothing to parasols. I should mention that their menswear section is a lot smaller, but still well-made and priced. When I am next putting together a costume, especially a Victorian one, I will be revisiting their site.


  1. Wow, really? I did some exploring on their site after Facebook kept advertising them to me, and I was absolutely appalled. Even on the models, the costumes looked badly made and heinously inaccurate. I recall some uneven hemlines and badly shaped skirts, off the top of my head. A lot of their written information seemed very off as well. Though I didn't look much through their hats and accessories, having been too horrified with the costumes to go farther.

  2. Interesting. I wonder if other people have had bad experiences. We bought a few day dresses, and they were far superior to the costumes we got from Warner Bros., but not as perfect as Ford's Theatre. Like most costume sites it's true that the accuracy is mixed, but the things we picked were very similar to our research from sources like fashion plates, early photographs, and extant examples. Compared to many similar vendors I was pleased with the solid construction.


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