Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ninya Mikhaila and the Tudor Tailor

 This is what, as a costumer, inspires me to always strive to be better. The fact that people like Ninya Mikhaila can so accurately reproduce works that they look almost indistinguishable from original paintings and extant garments.  I stand in awe of her talents, so I thought I'd share her website with you so that you may go drool over the many fine works that she, and her coworkers, hath wrought.

Wish you could make these garments as well? You are in luck! She is also the co-author, with Jane Malcolm-Davies, of a wonderful book called The Tudor Tailor, which I very highly recommend. You want patterns? It has them. Want to know what colours were most in demand by what strata of society in England in the 16th century? Check. Want to see all of the layers and how they were worn together in various combinations. Check. Want to ooh and aaah over really pretty costumes and accessories. It's got you covered. Plus links, how-tos, history, research, sizing, and more.

I can tell you that back before this book was initially published I, and many other historical costumers, stalked the website for the book eagerly awaiting its release. We were not disappointed and it has held an honored spot on my shelf ever since. So go, go now and check it out!


  1. Love this book! Thanks for devoting a post to it :)

  2. My pleasure, it's always nice to share what works with people who likewise appreciate it.

  3. I love that book. And if I'm not wrong, they are writing one on the 17th century. I do hope I'm not wrong!

  4. I believe you are right, Isis. If it's anything like their first one the information it contains will be comprehensive.