Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shakespearean Epic Miniseries to Air in the USA

Wouldn't it be great if someone took four of Shakespeare's history plays, say Richard II, Henry IV (parts 1 & 2), and Henry V, and made them into one epic miniseries? Well, BBC Two has already done that for you in a series called The Hollow Crown, and now we can look forward to finally seeing it in the USA...but not until September.

For those of you, like me, who may be chomping at the bit I give you an article on the costumes to peruse here, as well as some more lovely and familiar faces from the cast....
Jeremy Irons as Henry IV

Michelle Dockery as Lady Percy

Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt

and finally the trailer, just to get you really excited.


  1. Aaaah so excited! I am writing my thesis on Shakespeare's Richard II, so it will be great to see this interpretation of The Henriad! I'm especially stoked for Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt, that should be a great role for him. Thanks for posting this, I hadn't heard that this was coming!

    1. You're welcome, as soon as I heard about it myself I knew I had to share. Can't wait!