Wednesday, April 17, 2013


As the school year winds down I look forward to having more time over the summer to blog, but for now will content myself with a new round of trivia. Last time I asked:-

"This famous imposter was feted both in Europe and America throughout the 20th century before dying in Charlottesville, VA in 1984."

Cassidy correctly guessed that it was Anna Anderson, who asserted that she was the Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia for decades. As her grave is not far from where I live, perhaps I should take a daytrip to see it.

For our next trivia question I'll test your knowledge of textiles history. There is a coronation mantle called a Pluviale which was constructed c.1133A.D., features over 100,000 pearls, was worn by more than 47 rulers, and is still in existence today. Who was it originally made for?

It's like trivia meets a scavenger hunt, and the result is well worth finding!

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