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Liebster Award

Well color me flattered! labluebonnet has kindly given Amphorae a Libester Blog Award. This award is meant to recognize and honor blogs with 200 followers or less; and given that I have been quite remiss in posting this year, I am surprised and touched to have merited a mention. Thank you!

The recipients of the award are to pass it along to five other blogs with similar credentials to help spread the word about relatively unknown bloggers. How to choose? Fortunately some of my favorite blogs have far too many followers to qualify, so that did help to narrow it down a bit.

1) Bankerchick's Scratchings. I never know what she'll write about, but it's always interesting.

2) I like historical clothing. As do I! It would be worth it to visit this blog just for the wonderful photos of extant garments that she posts, many of which I have not seen before.

3) Idlewild Illustre. She's an artist, and a seamstress, who goes to events and sketches or paints people in situ. Far less obtrusive than a camera, and her skill is undeniable. I always enjoy seeing her work.

4) Possessions of a Lady. I learn more about the minutiae of the past from this blog than almost anywhere else.

5) The Treasures of Dawn. Handmade fans! Fans, people! They are stunning, I only wish I could afford one...or a dozen.


  1. My very dear Comtesse,
    I am flabbergasted! Crikey. Thankyou for the award and thankyou for the lovely words.
    I will now go and visit your other recipients. I love the blogosphere. There is so much going on!
    The traveller

    1. It is a wonderful community, and I very much enjoy your blog.

  2. Thank you so much for giving me this award! It's been a little while since this post, I know, but I wanted to make sure I told you how much I appreciate it! :)


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