Sunday, February 12, 2012

Regency Society of Virginia

I don't usually post the same thing on both of my blogs, but this news is worth repeating!

There is a brand new re-enactment group called the Regency Society of Virginia. This is of particular interest to people like me who live near Washington, D.C. and have despaired of finding a casual (but knowledgeable) group of people on the East Coast who aren't doing Revolutionary or Civil War events. I quote from their website:-

"Do you adore Jane Austen and her works (or the movies based upon them)?  Are you a War of 1812 or Napoleonic Wars re-enactor?  Perhaps you love the fashions of the Regency era or wish you had a place to wear such finery?  Enjoy the elegance of an English Country Dance?...We are a group of early 19th century enthusiasts who seek to unite all those who wish to recapture the refinement and civil society of this by-gone age.  Join us in this, our inaugural year, as we host workshops, costumed events, lectures and more with a distinctly Regency flavor."

 Sounds like fun to me! Excuse me while I go plan some Regency costumes


  1. I'm so happy for you! It is definitely next to impossible to find groups from other eras.

  2. The thing is, I'd be perfectly happy playing 1770s-80s, but I want to play as a European aristocrat. I'm an American and a poor one at that every other day of the week, I want to pretend to be someone else in my downtime. That's a group I need to get together in my area.