Friday, August 12, 2011

A Few Good Resources

Back from my honeymoon with lots to share about historical sites across the Mediterranean, and the museums who love them. First though I thought I would share some sites and vendors who are my go-to resources in the historical and costuming worlds. This is the place for linen. The sell it in a wide variety of weights and colors, both in bulk and by the yard. I use them for both reenactment attire where it has to be really accurate, and for theatre; in fact I once did a show where all of the costumes were 100% linen. If you get on their mailing list and sign up for rewards points you get additional coupons e-mailed to you, and earn points for every purchase you make towards a future one.

Richard the Thread Every costume shop I've ever worked in has ordered from RTT, and it's because they are a great one-stop shop for everything sewing. Boning, elastic, hem puffers, millinery wire, curved rulers, dressforms, buckram, you name it. Shipping is fast and the prices are competitive, which is how they stay at the top of every shop's list.

Shoe Icons Sometimes you just need to look at shoes, whether for research or fun, and this is a great place to start. It features a collection of over 1500 shoes from the 18th century on with details about the materials, construction, and styles provided for each item. If you feel like you just have to own a pair yourself, just hop on over to the giftshop section for a postcard.

That's all for now, happy Friday everyone!

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