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The De Berry Project- The Fabric and shoes

As I mentioned last time I am working on a version of the outfit to the left for an event coming up soon in July. I wanted something with a hat to shade my face, and not too hot since we are going to be outside in the middle of a Virginian summer. The fabric gods were not kind, when I went to my local fabric stores. There was really nothing in the right weight, color, pattern, fiber, or amount; especially the amount since I need about 8 yards for the undergown and 10 yards for the overdress. Part of the problem is that there are no waist seams, so each piece has to be cut from a long continuous length of material. Also, those sleeves are about four yards by themselves. I resigned myself to ordering online, which I hate doing because it's so hard to be sure of the color etc without seeing it in person, and by the time the fabric arrives often there just isn't time to send it back and get something else. I went first to an oldie, but a goodie; Thai silks. I knew they would
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Regency Society of Virginia weekend event

Looking for something to do this weekend in Virginia... Second Sunday Sewing Circle 1pm - Bacon's Castle , Sunday June 8th 465 Bacon's Castle Trail, Surry, VA Grab your latest Regency project and join us for our regularly scheduled sewing circle.  This month's sewing circle will be costumed , meaning that we will be sewing downstairs and participants will need to be in period garb and doing hand sewing (or other period appropriate needlework) .  We welcome those interested in keeping our stitchers company, too!   Please RSVP to by Friday, June 6 . I, sadly, will not be there as I must attend to other business, but it sounds like fun!

The Duc de Berry Gown Project

I live! I have not abandoned this blog, though it certainly must seem like it, I've just been horrendously busy. Nor have I forgotten about that Tudor Transitional project, but, like so much else, it has had to take a back seat to more pressing concerns. Now I find myself with an event in July, where it will be much too hot to go in full Tudor/Elizabethan style. What to make instead? Last year I got a serious sunburn, whilst in my Italian renaissance-style outfit. The main hat. So I racked my brain thinking about what style of Medieval costume would grant me some shade. Veils are all well and good, but they don't shade the face enough and can be sort of hot and clingy themselves. I finally hit upon the solution; early 15th century French, as in the gown worn by the Duc de Berry's bride (see above). Everyone's familiar with this picture from "Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry" and this gown is one of the prettiest it shows. It's al

Pompeian Bread

The level of detail still visible is pretty remarkable on this piece of bread which was preserved in that fateful eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Intrigued? Read more here.

Castle for sale

In case anyone was looking for a nice little house... Caverswall Castle should fit the bill.

How Our Ancestors Slept

As someone who wakes up during the night feeling frustratingly refreshed...and then struggles to rise in the morning, I found this article to be a kind of vindication. Apparently the way we sleep has changed. For more information you can visit the link here .


The Court of Phillip the Good (I love the variety of styles within the same color-scheme)